New Year? We just got used to the last one!

Really, 2019 was an exceptional year. Our company, reach and team grew. Our product made tremendous strides with the help of all of our customers and partners. It was our best year yet, as each one before it has been. 📈

We wanted to take one last fond look at 2019 before the rising tide of 2020 sweeps us further down our path to improving the lives of seniors across the world. 

Let’s get into it!

7 exciting announcements (and 1 big honkin’ acquisition!)

So first of all, we got acquired. That was pretty cool! It will be even cooler over the years as we’re able to deliver more and more value to our amazing customers.

A lot more than eight exciting things happened this year, but let’s start off with a few big moments!

6 new employees — and hiring 10 more!

We welcomed a whole lot of talented folks to the team this year and can’t wait to grow our team even bigger in the one ahead. Will you be in our 2020 review? You should be! We’re currently hiring across departments for at least 10 bright new Touchtowners. Check it out!

Brittany Keppler

Brittany Keppler

Brittany began gracing us with her skills as business development manager in January, building relationships with our enterprise partners and stoking international growth!

Amber Trusik of Touchtown

Amber Trusik

Amber Trusik

Our new director of finance & HR joined us at the end of September and has been a huge asset to our company and customers every day since by simplifying our billing and more!

John Golden of Touchtown

John Golden

John Golden

Though an applied mathematics and biology major in college, he turned to tech early after graduation. He’s now a senior software engineer on our team!

Sean Hile of Touchtown

‎‎‏‏‎Sean ‏‏‎Hile

Sean Hile

Senior software engineer Sean has delivered a major impact to our technology since joining us exactly one year ago in January 2019. And he just keeps getting better!

Morgan McCoy of Touchtown

Morgan McCoy

Morgan McCoy

Morgan joined us on the last day of September as our content specialist — she may or may not even be behind the blog you’re reading right now…

Adam Edison of Touchtown

Adam Edison

Adam Edison

Our customers might not know Adam directly, but they’ve certainly benefited from his incredible skills. He’s improved our integrations and has big ideas for 2020!


Sorry (not sorry) for all the exclamation points, but we take tech adoption for seniors EXTREMELY seriously around these parts.

That’s tens of thousands of activities. Even more questions answered by Alexa. Millions of residents taking their first steps into the wild world of technology!

Four million times older adults proved that they’re ready to embrace tech and are living better in communities that will empower them to do so.

We’re not crying you’re crying… 😭

And 1 new country — ¡Hola, Spain!

We’re now in 46 states, 3 provinces, and 3 countries!

We’re so proud to serve customers across different functions, organizations, preferences and acuities. In this year of growth we’re reminded again and again of how lucky we are to exist in this industry alongside so many passionate peers. It’s moments of reflection like this that inspire us to keep on challenging ourselves to innovate towards our goal of improving the lives of older adults. Thanks for being here with us — Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year to all!