Digital Signage

Communicate relevant information on screens anywhere

Information is always in the right place, at the right time with individually addressable digital signage for senior living.


High-impact visual content,
right where you want it

Digital Signs display high-quality content on TV monitors anywhere in your community. With individually-addressable and cloud-managed digital signage, the only thing between you and getting information to community members is a few clicks.

Enter information, click on the locations you want your information to display, choose a modern layout and send. ✈️

Perfect for communicating with every audience

Promote upcoming activities, highlight dining menus, or show video messages wherever your audience is.

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It (Digital Sign) looks more like what you’d see in a Madison Avenue elevator than a Nursing Home.

Jewish Home at Rockleigh

Why Digital Signage from Touchtown?

We thought you’d never ask. 😉


It’s magic — information and updates sync in real time.

Why bother with USBs or plugins that are unreliable and require associates to visit every TV on campus to update?

Touchtown Digital Signs are cloud-based and managed from a single content management system so you’re always broadcasting up-to-date information.

Keep your residents in the know for cancellations, changes and updates

Show a rolling activities list that will auto-drop events after their scheduled time

Cloud-based software makes it simple to make updates wherever you are

Changes made to any content reflect on Digitals Sign in a matter of seconds

Modern Design

Peace out, Publisher.

Our design team is hard at work creating vibrant, eye-catching slide backgrounds for each activity, menu, and announcement so you don’t have to. Simply add your event details, and watch the magic happen.