The Ultimate Guide to Digital Signage in Senior Living

Digital signs are the most accessible and easy-to-use communication tool for senior living communities — as long as you have the right ones for your organization. In this guide, get all the info you need to find the right digital signage solution.

What We’ll Cover

Communication is the foundation to creating an interconnected, accessible community where all residents feel involved and prioritized. Learn how digital signs can help you achieve outstanding resident communication.

Bring activities, dining and other information to residents where they want it, when they want it.

The best staff deserves the best tools — empower senior living care providers with digital signs.

Digital signs can help you manage your community’s content with more efficiency. Finding a vendor who can provide you the most easy-to-use, reliable software to connect with your digital signs is paramount.


1. The importance of resident communication

Communication is the foundation to creating an interconnected, accessible community where all residents feel involved and prioritized. Digital signs can be the first electronic step to informing each resident of their communities happenings.

TVs are familiar digital display formats for older adults. Digital signs transform TVs into information hubs, making them the perfect communication medium in senior living. Communities already using this form of communication report that it becomes second nature for residents to reference digital signage to get community information.


The best senior living communities are those that improve their resident’s quality of life at every opportunity. Great resident communication is the biggest opportunity of all…besides good food. Good food always takes the cake. Mmmm cake.

With the growing care gap, technology is the answer to improving communication and helping more residents feel connected. Combating loneliness is a continued battle and great communication is our knight in shining armor. Digital signage is accessible, affordable and effective communication for senior living communities. Plus, it’s as easy to implement as a bulletin board and far less effort to manage.

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2. Supercharge senior living activities with digital signs

Studies show that seniors who engage in activities are healthier and live independently longer than peers who do not. There’s powerful data behind getting seniors more involved with their community and regularly interacting with others.

Being in a community in the first place helps; wonderful neighbors and outstanding programming staff make activities more approachable.

Even then, it can be intimidating for new and existing residents to seek out activities. And if they do seek them out, how are they supposed to remember what’s happening and when?

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