Content Manager & Enterprise Content Manager

One point of data entry

So you have your signage, Community Apps, TV+ and more, but how the heck are you supposed to share and manage all your content across platforms? The answer: Content Manager, your Touchtown mission control center.


Simple, cloud-based content management

Touchtown’s content management system is simple. From a single place, you can deploy content to any or all of your Touchtown products in real time.

Touchtown Content Manager

This software is still new to our community, but I am having so much fun with all of the different features. 

Alex Hernandez | Towers on Park Lane

Manage Anywhere

Easy access from any computer with internet connection.

Staff members enter information once, and content is automatically designed, scheduled, and delivered to any (or all) of your Touchtown products.

Need to make a change or see all your content at a glance? Access, edit and organize content in one place — anywhere, anytime, and from any supported desktop browser.

Looking for a solution to accommodate both corporate and community-level content? Jump ahead to read up on Enterprise Content Manager.


Easy Operation

Easy to learn and grow with your needs over time.

Our cloud-based software means you don’t have to fuss with USBs, scramble to communicate changes to content, use different programs for different platforms, or invest in training for new hires.

Publishing content to all of your Touchtown products right from where you’re sitting is as easy as 1-2-3 with Content Manager…

Enter your content information.

Choose when & where it’s sent

Review, design & publish

Built-in Design

All the beauty with none of the effort.

Content Manager comes with SmartLayout™, a built-in tool that helps you quickly spin up a turnkey template based on keywords recognition.

Want to change up the design? No problem. Our Slide Editor lets you add your own flare, start from scratch, or get a head start with a library of templates and layouts.

Enterprise Content Manager

Every community’s content in one place.

Touchtown’s Enterprise Solution is the only tool in the senior living industry that allows corporate staff to view what is happening in their communities at a glance.

Boosting communications across all of your communities helps maximize operating efficiency, streamline processes, reduce staff turnover, and increase your return on investment.