Community Apps

A simple, interactive community portal

Senior Living Community Apps puts the information your community members want and need at their fingertips.

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Touchtown Community Apps on smartphone and tablet showing senior living community programming

Connection Made Easy

With so many audiences to serve, senior living communities need a sidekick that makes it possible to engage them all.

Apps is the community portal that puts engagement in the palms of your hands.
Senior Living Community Portal

Designed to engage any and every audience

Turn residents into neighbors, employees into partners, family into collaborators, and prospects into move-ins with our proven community engagement app.

We give you the flexibility to design your retirement community app for any audience. It’s easy to customize each audience’s view with a combination of shared and unique content.

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“The excitement on residents’ faces when they see how easy it is to do things they never imagined they’d LEARN — including even getting a smartphone, when before they said “Why do I need that?” — it’s simply amazing.”

Melissa Shefer, The Peninsula Regent